truespace 7.5 alpha11 notes

original source – printed emails from tS beta testing, processed with FreeOCR from

Primitive tool
Adding a cube. There are 3 modes how to add a cube.
Diagonal — this is Modeler way. LClick to define first corner, drag and rclick do define second corner.
Edges — define cube by defining two edges. First click & drag defines bottom X edge. Second click&drag defines Z edge.
Corners — cube is created after adding 4 points. (you can either click or drag to use xy or z movements).
For adding torus, sphere, cylinder, cone there are 2 modes.
Diameter — define diameter for base, by ldrag, rdgar defines height
Radius – define center + radius for base, by ldrag, rdgar defines height
Adding text has only one mode; ldrag + rdrag defines orjentation of text XY plane rotation.
Primitive employs extensive snapping.
You can specify height directly by snapping to other objects during rdrag. Primitive base can be precisely aligned by constraining movement to lD and aligning with other objects like in rdrag
mode. Constraining can be done either by locking axes or locking to edges / faces.
You can specify edge endpoint (diagonal, radius…) in plane mode directly by snapping to other objects by holding ALT key.
ALT key can be used to force snapping even if cursor is in nosnap range defined by added primitive and nosnap radius found in tool preferences panel.
To finish primitive tool, rclick in player view.
To access primitive preferences panel, rclick on appropriate tool button. To access primitive tool preferences panel, rclick on any primitive tool and change preferences panel aspect to default.
NOTE: not all primitives are parametric; this means that you cannot change properties for them.
NOTE: there are no magic ring widgets yet, so after adding a primitive no panel/widget is

if maya navigation is installed then need to change snap key from ALT to CTRL in the primitive widget

only cone and cylinder have ldrag and rdrag behavior

text primitive rdrag defines height not orientation

ALT key snapping only seems to snap to edges and maybe faces

base plane = screen only works with cube primitive

text + boolean creation mode = crash

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