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Collada Plugin for After Effects - Features

AECOLLADA is a plugin for After Effects CS3/CS4, CS5/5.5 and CS6 and CC designed to read and write motion data in the Collada 1.4.1 file format. Its main purpose is to share animation data between After Effects and general 3D production software. The plugin has been tested with Collada files generated from 3DSMax, Daz Studio, Lightwave3D, Maya and trueSpace.
3DSMax 2010 render and the Collada file imported to After Effects.
Maya 2009 playblast and the Collada result in After Effects.


  • import and export collada 1.4.1 format files
  • light color animation
  • spot light angle animation
  • camera field of view animation
  • import geometry transformations as nulls
  • import very simple geometry as footage layers - new in version 1.1x(experimental)
  • import skeleton joints as nulls
  • version 1.1x has improved UI handling, limited geometry support and will create footage items from the collada file image tags
  • automatic creation of 2d nulls through expressions
  • export imported joints as nulls or skeleton joints
  • Feb 2012 - separate installers for each version(CS3,CS4,CS5,CS5.5)(CS6)
  • Oct 2012 - fixed text layer export bug
  • Nov 2012 - version 1.2 will export solid and footage layers as geometry. Import time precision has been improved so it will work better with fractional frame rates. The installer is improved and the script based ui is more reliable. Export is compatible with Blender 3D rotation imports. (Bug fixed) Can open After Effects by double clicking a file and the plugin will still load.
  • July 2013 - version 1.3 - Free version. No automatic installer. Added support for After Effects Creative Cloud. Some minor bug fixes. Note that inside the collada file generated it still indicates v1.2
  • August 2015 - single 64 bit version that works with CS5 and up - tested with CS5.5 and CC 2015
July 15 2013