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3dbuzz Fast Track vol. 1
Houdini Fundamentals - digital asset creation
Houd Fund - Intro to Compositing
Houdini Fund - Intro to VEX
Houdini Fundamentals - Intro to CHOPS
Houdini Fundamentals - Intro to Procedural Modeling
houdini networks
3dbuzz houdini issue1 - 06 Creating Networks video(wmv, 201 kb)
houdini expressions
3dBuzz houdini expressions I
expressions 2
3dbuzz houdini expressions II
houdini SOP
3DBuzz Houdini SOPs II
houdini grups
3dBuzz Houdini Groups
houdini spring
3dBuzz Houdini Springs
houdini character rig
3dBuzz Houdini character rig
houdini tornado
3dBuzz Houdini tornado - click for video(quicktime 3.4 Mb)
houd ripple
3dBuzz houdini ripple - click for video(quicktime 906Kb)