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jutsu(, "technique" or "skill") is a general term referring to any technique a ninja might use(from Naruto manga)

lightwave deformation technique
3D World Winter 2007 issue 98
displacement node animation for the wave, particles and sticky surface motion modifier
gmax tutorial
3d World January 2002 issue 21
simple GMax tutorial, basic modeling, texturing and animation, got a lot of crashes in texturing
spiral staircase
3D World issue 26
spiral staircase designed by Andrea Palladino 1570
clone objects
3D World issue 26
clone items to a surface by grid convert to points, to 1 point poly, extrude, solid drill core, point clone plus
cheesy comp
3D World issue 30 - click picture for video(wmv, 489 kb)
UFO composite tutorial
node connections inside Fusion
nodes for comp
ocean texture
Ocean from texture book
3D World issue 41 lightrig
morph panel sliders instead of sliders, scene editor spreadsheet, didn't learn anything about creating light rigs only using them
matrix trail
3D World
use morph with normal deformer and reference null to apply an image of a gradient to control size as bullet passes by
houdini character rig
Houdini - click picture for web page images and videos
lightwave fountain from 3dword issue 81
click for video (300K quicktime mov)
use morph to control speed of texture, used ball falling simulation to get rate of gravity. dynamics has option to save keyframes in command drop down in edit section. save to a motion file and read into modeler by using motion path extrude, morph object to this for gravity like acceleration in the texture. linear falloff in morph modeling doesn't create true acceleration(looks good but may not match the motion a falling object in the scene
digital compositing
Digital Compositing for Film and Video Book
picture links to image notes for exercises
Maya Fundamentals
click picture for images and videos
Max Fundamentals - rigging lesson