Completed Projects

Vehicle tutorial trueSpace to ut3

robotech hovercycle video
Robotech Hovercycle Video
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Completed videos and images
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girl head
screen shot of head model in trueSpace7.6 beta
roamer wip
modify roamer game model
for live action composite
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condo interior
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The Marigold from OnePiece
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Ocean test for the marigold project
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start the crew - Luffy
Recently Added/Updated

UT3 for trueSpace7.6

Plugin and scripts to import and export UT3 PSK and PSA skeletal mesh and animation files.

Doom3 for trueSpace7.6

Scripts to import and export Doom3 md5mesh and md5anim skeletal mesh and animation files.
March 2009 added fixes for mesh import and export

Custom Widgets for trueSpace

Custom object and point edit widgets and a system of organization for them.

Target Weld for trueSpace

Target weld one vertex to another.  Installs a button so shortcut key can be assigned.

Pivot Snap for trueSpace

The Snap the location of a pivot point to any vertex in the scene.

Update md5mesh importer

Md5mesh importer for Lightwave3D is now compatible with ET:Quake Wars and the max number of meshes was increased from 24 to 96.  Also added a LW8 compatible version.


image and video notes on techniques learned from various tutorials

Flash 3D Demo(Sand3D)

demo of Flash in 3D using the Sandy API, php and a mysql database

Flash 3D Demo(Papervision3D)

demo of Flash 3D using Papervision3D

ut3 carrara skeletons

carrara5 format ut3 skeletons for use with the psk exporter

ut3 meshes in obj format

wavefront obj meshes to use with the carrara and fbx skeletons

ut3 fbx skeletons

ut3 skeletons in fbx format

ut3 psk files

ut3 max files converted to psk format. this can be used with the lightwave psk/psa import/export found here (click the "LW7.0 compatible Plugins" link at the top)
note: mesh has bone weights but may not come in properly oriented and the bones names import with trailing spaces.

ut3 lightwave files

ut3 max files converted to lightwave scene format with bone names fixed and ready for export to the psk format.