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FBX_2 for trueSpace7.61 - History

This a plugin and script set for importing and exporting to the FBX file format using the Autodesk FBXSDK. It also imports and exports several other file types. The plugin imports meshes and their materials, camera, light data and animations.

May 8 2015:

  • fix for blank bitmap file crash
  • fix to not crash on instanced materials
  • rsx version 1638407
  • ignore renaming bug when using truespace standalone version

April 8 2015:

  • option to not bake keyframes
  • "defaultPose" clip for actors no longer case sensitive
  • simple keyframe interpolation export

April 1 2015:

  • removed the offset positioning in the exporter
  • removed the fbx 2013 rsx plugin
  • fixed udkstaticmesh mode mesh normals
  • fixed a renaming problem caused by the bridge sync
  • added an option to import meshes as nulls
  • added an option to import materials
  • export file names will default from selected item or scene
  • new export selected only checkbox
  • batch export option for exporting individual files for each item

February 14 2015: - fixed selection export bug only exporting first selected item (only rsx file)

December 7 2014:

  • fixed actor visibility export
  • initial offset entry for matching position in the Unreal t3d scene export (junk feature)
  • fixed a memory leak

November 20, 2014: - fix "User Cancelled" dialog bug

November 11, 2014: - fix export to work with IK handles and locks

October 5 2014:

  • skeleton bind problem solved
  • delete the temp skin file after skinning
  • new bind cubes object from the fbx skin cluster
  • number of takes in an imported file is reported to the log view
  • Oct 4: fixed ui bug that created an empty animation stack

September 28 2014:

  • uses the fbx 2015.1 sdk
  • option to use the older 2013.2 version
  • export animation clips
  • import motion files and alembic meshes
  • rsx file version - v.1638406 and rsx file version - v.1638405 for 2013 mode

April 12 2014:

  • improved camera animation export
  • improved light animation export
  • export camera fov animation - works in UDK, nothing in Lightwave
  • add invisible subobject no export
  • removed camera and lights from visibility check
  • options to export lights and cameras

March 23 2014:

  • udkmatinee export mode will export characters as nulls with non-joint full bodied animation
  • udkstaticmesh mode will export characters as nulls so no need to remove them for some export workflows
  • does not export invisible items

August 25 2013:

  • export respects the frame rate, 24, 25, 30 and 60
  • 15 fps is exported as 30 fps with keyframe gaps
  • last frame of exports was missing

July 30 2013:

  • import and export standard truespace skeleton
  • option to import as joints or bones
  • cleaner appearance for leaf bones
August 06, 2012
June 5, 2013