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glTF 2.0 for trueSpace7.61

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This is a plugin and script for importing and exporting to the glTF file format.

persistent base install required

RsGLTFPlugin.rsx required

Clintons3dPlugin.rsx vv1638449 required

Global Function Set required

Hierarchy Tools required

Compositing nodes required for high complex material import

Unofficial Updates v9 required for the ungroup script

some version of microsoft visual c runtime 2015-2022 is required - see below

requires windows 11, 10 7, or Vista, not XP compatible

Note: the gltf rsx plugin may require VC++ runtime 2015, 2017, 2019 , 2022 from Microsoft. Get it if the plugin does not install or run.
link is from the page
for trueSpace use the x86 version


  1. Reset the Default Context if any toolbars have been modified
  2. install the persistent base if not already installed
  3. install the rsx plugin if it is not already installed
  4. drag the node into the link editor and press the install button
  5. delete the node from the scene after install is complete
  6. install other requirements as noted above


  1. Left click to open the export panel.
  2. Right click to open the import panel
  3. Choose other panels as needed

A sample video on how to install an rsx plugin for truespace can be found here. The video is for installing the Indigo Renderer, but it uses a similar rsx plugin.


gltf panel

Import Animation - load animation trans, rot, scale

Auto Adjust Timing - gltf time in seconds, retime keys to get integer frame times in trueSpace, uncheck to maintain original animation speed

Set Interpolation - for non-baked animations script correction

Frame Skip - the number of animation keys to skip, 2=every other keyframe, a keyframe decimation option for baked animations

Import Material - load materials

Full glTF Materials - high complexity, full pbr compound material with optional reflection environment

Simple Textures - medium complexity textures for color, alpha and bump

Simple Colors - low complexity only colors, random colors in place of textures, use with glb format files

Import Meshes - if unchecked meshes will import as nulls

Import Morphs - morph targets includes unofficial targetNames import

Import Skeletons - load skeleton and skin data

Load Bind Nodes - use when the skeleton shape does not match the imported pose

Import Scale - scale to trueSpace meters

Import - start the import process

Use Bind Nodes - reshape the skeleton based on the bind node transforms

Apply Morphs - after import press to generate morphs and morph animations

Do morphs before skinning actors.

Skin Actors - after import press to apply skinning data

Anim to Actors - transfer animation from joint nulls to the actual actor skeleton joints

Convert Nulls - script will convert nodes that have been tagged as nulls by the import process into truespace null objects

Cleanup - remove helper objects and add items directly to the scene


truespace gltf options panel

Randomize Materials - to ensure there are no identical materials

Individual Mesh Primitives - if a mesh is made of a large number primitives then import each primitive as a separate mesh object. actor meshes will still import as multi-material single mesh.
only use this option for special cases of single mesh with many materials applied to it (see Sponza sample below)

Import Material Data - include the original material data on a node, theory: round trip materials and convert between complexity values, not used

Import Extension Data - add gltf extension data node to the scene, not used

Directional Light - uncheck to import directional lights as trueSpace infinite lights

Null Size - dimensions used to create null cube

Import Scale - scale to tS meters


truespace gltf utilities panel

Open All Groups - break down all 3D groups so that the child objects are directly at the scene level
A new addition to the hierarchy tools offers more options for converting 3D groups, such as converting groups into parenting relationships

Convert to Material List - give modern structure to old materials by creating a material list node

Convert Actor Animation - change the animation so any motion on the actor and skeleton are transferred to the skeleton root joint. Animations on the actor and skeleton are ignored by the exporter.

Morph Anims to Actor - transfer the morph animations from an actor's mesh to the actor. Morph animations must be on the actor to export.

Combine Morph Anims - set animation keys for all morphs if any morph is keyed, so all morphs are keyed as a group. All morph values must be keyed together to export properly.

Only Selected - apply light intensity or pbr falloff only to the selected lights. Uncheck to apply to all lights in the scene.

Light Multiplier / Set Light Intensity - change the intensity of all or selected lights by multiplying the current intensity values. use to adjust lights for imported meshes which may need higher light intensities

Set Light PBR Falloff - set light attenuation to match glTF pbr materials and intensity values will export proper values for a gltf light

Both Set Light Intensity and Set Light PBR Falloff will add an intensity control to lights that don't have one. The new control is only visible in the Exp aspect.

Set Material Light Count - the gltf based materials need to know the number of lights in the scene, press when the number of lights changes

Reflection Environment - convert the selected object gltf materials to have a reflection effect. If there is no valid renderable selection then all the materials will be converted. The conversion can take time to update the 3D view when there are a lot of materials.


truespace gltf panel

Export Textures - unchecked will export random color materials

Export Animations -

Export Selected - only export selected items and their materials

Export Cameras - check to include cameras

Export Lights - check to include lights

Export Morphs - export morph targets including unofficial targetNames support

Export - write the scene to a gltf file

Open File Location - windows explorer to the folder containing the exported file

Materials must be scene instanced for exporting


Import Export Notes

  • Does not export grouped objects - all objects must be ungrouped, see "Open All Groups" above
  • Materials that dont use material lists will not export
  • KHR_lights_punctual import - omni, infinite and spot lights from \\Scripts\\preobjects
  • camera from \\Scripts\\preobjects
  • only scene instanced materials will import and export
  • mesh import/export points, triangles, normals, uv1, uv2, vertex color
  • actors limited to 4 bones per vertex export and 8 bones per vertex import
  • uses the tinygltf header library v2.6.3 -
  • do NOT run truespace in compatibility mode ?
  • limited glb file format import and no glb export support
  • uses lodepng library for 32bit png export -

Import Notes:

  • Use the Cleanup button after an import is complete and all optonal processes have been run
  • works with Null Objects import and export
  • nulls import as simple cubes - conversion button for true nulls
  • multi gltf primitive translates to multi-material mesh in tS unless ImportIndividualMeshPrimitives is checked
  • actor does not import as individual primitives - result will be a multi mesh actor
  • full gltf materials have the highest fidelity and use multiple distinct nodes (a compound material) to recreate the pbr material
  • animations import to named clips in their own tracks
  • does not use the imported bind pose by default - uses joint orientation, not correct but works for almost all samples, use bind options if needed
  • actor plus morph - must run morph before skinning
  • if an actor imports with the joint y-axis pointing down the bone, the joint will be unstable and cause the skeleton to crumple and move wildly when posing
  • tS will not use uv2 for color texture? retest to confirm this
  • tS can change frame rate but nothing in place for adjusting the keys to match the new frame rate. is purely playback speed so auto adjust is a good option to turn on
  • ue5 simple mannequin and ue4 manny will import correctly
  • if windows explorer is previewing the gltf file it will load invisible and trueSpace may become unstable and crash. Select a couple of scene items and the import will become visible, thought it's better to not have the preview open.
  • If you get the texture limit reached warning there are 2 options - (best option) reduce the resolution of the texture files or try using the tS HW Settings to reduce the size in memory. after reducing the HW Settings, ignore the warning to see if it will load without crashing.
  • Another solution to the texture limit is to patch trueSpace to use 4Gb, NTCore 4GB Patch. Run against the Rosetta or tS7 exe files
  • meshes import with instancing information node - is not used at this time, removed during cleanup
  • reflection environment infinite lights make surface brighter the closer the eye gets to it - weird
  • if the material editor is open, selection will be slow for objects with gltf materials
  • imported lights will have an "Intensity" connector added. It is the intensity control for the light. It does not show in the default light aspect.
  • large flat surfaces will need subdivisions to display properly in tS
  • if the animation has more than 300 keyframes it will skip a minimum of every other key to avoid a memory issues crash
  • tS matrix is by columns c1r1 c1r2 c1r3 c1r4 c2r1 GetAt(column, row)

Export Notes:

  • blender and godot see actor name, ue5 sees the mesh name or file name, so use file name for unreal
  • texture export image must exist on disk - will create the image file for materials as needed
  • exports lights, skeleton, mesh, perspective and ortho cameras
  • perspective/ortho switch is found on the "Camera" node inside the camera object
  • exports multi material mesh as primitives
  • material export - only scene instanced
  • export KHR_texture_transform for uv offset, scale and rotation
  • export textures - when off will export random color objects
  • rotation, location and scale animations export with clip name - elements of matrix anim are exported, so if only rotation only rotation keys are exported
  • morphs and morph animations will export
  • groups are not seen or exported, but their subobjects can be selected for export
  • can export objects inside of groups by using the selected only option
  • old style materials without a Material List Manager are not compatible
  • invisible objects will not export - camera and light visibility is ignored
  • ue5 requires unique joint names for actors, skeleton root is the top hierarchy of the actor - actor and skeleton nodes are discarded
  • the skeleton root of an actor is like an invisible first joint for the skeleton. It is the node that is connected to the Transform node inside the skeleton.
  • ik handles and locks are ignored
  • tS skin weights do not add to exactly 1.0 even after healing - plugin rounds to nearest 100th to fix validation errors
  • transform animation on the actor is not exported - actor animation starts at the skeleton root node
  • actor export hierarchy = actor null as parent of the skeleton null and the skeleton null is the parent of the mesh and the skeleton root joint
  • Blender note: import light intensity at 1/1000 so change mW to W or multiply by 1000 (still true in blender v4.0)

Import Test Results and notes

Link to the test files:
scroll down to see images. Only version 2.0 GLTF files are compatible

Download page:

  1. click the green "Code" button
  2. click "Download ZIP" - file is about 1Gig
  3. unzip and navigate to the 2.0 folder and choose one, look inside the chosen folder for the "glTF" folder to load the content

other folder contents - "glTF-Binary", "glTF-Embedded" "glTF-Draco" are not compatible
"glTF-Binary" will import without any material data

Recommended scales below are just to have a good size in the tS default 3D viewport. A scale of 1.0 is the default to load true scale models to match up with true scale lighting.

  • AntiqueCamera, Avocado, BarramundiFish - full materials, good, y-up, avocado scale=100, baramundi scale=10
  • BoomBox - very small, scale 100 and full material - select it is slow
  • Corset - good, scale=100, confirmed that high complexity material is slow
  • DamagedHelmet, Lantern - scale=10, good, scale=1.0 for latern
  • FlightHelmet - scale=10, good at very edge of loadable - got warning but seems ok
  • if delete model and reimport the materials are duplicated, does not reuse the existing materials on import
  • WaterBottle - good, scale=10
  • all test meshes are good - next specific test cases
  • BoxVertexColors - got vertex colors, scale=10
  • AnimatedCube - animation goes back and forth because of 180deg tS limit
  • 2CylinderEngine - scale 0.1
  • Buggy - scale 0.1, some colors wrong - red that sb green, must randomize materials
  • BoxAnimated scale 1, null make smaller 0.1, linear interpolation needed, interp data node loaded but not used
  • CesiumMilkTruck good
  • CesiumMan - load, select actor ansd skin, xfer animation, AnimClip name already good, good
  • BrainStem - new test after many changes scale 10, import time fairly quick,
    rotate actor mesh using RMB drag 90 degrees to match the skeleton before skinning, use snapping
    select actor and xfer anim - about 5 min to process 1046 frames
    something wrong with the actor ownermatrix - nothing registers
    every other frame loaded because tS memory limitations
  • Fox 0.1 scale, multiple anims(walk, run, survey) all good
  • Virtual City - 940 frames baked animation, looks good, every other frame loaded because tS memory limitations, small boxes are part of the file, they are not nulls
  • Sponza - matComplex=2 slow import, material complex 1, came in quick no problems, point edit - very slow, has 103 materials
    new import as primitive performance much better

Feature Tests

  • AlphaBlendModeTest - complex 1, 2 both passed all tests
  • Boom Box with Axis - scale 100, add env is much less reflective than blender import
  • MetalRoughSpheres - ok
  • MetalRoughSpheresNoTextures - scale 1000 - ok
  • MorphPrimitivesTest - good, gltf material needed for colors
  • MorphStressTest - good, linear interp but baked so not good test of interpolation
  • MultiUVTest - failed, but mesh has 2 uv channels, manual change constant texture to uv2 and it sorta works
  • Negative Scale Test - failed, negative scale not possible in tS
  • NormalTangentTest - front seems ok, back is off
  • NormalTangentMIrrorTest - failed, tS not read tangent values from file
  • OrientationTest - passed all tests
  • RecursiveSkeletons - failed, scale 0.1, long load times, skinning bad, slow tS response bind nodes option needed to get bones into position for skinning
  • TextureCoordinateTest - gltf material = passed, simple textures material = passed but no vertex colors displayed
  • TextureLinearInterpolation - passed , simple textures material not run properly
  • TextureSettingsTest - passed all except double sided, no double sided material in tS, simple textures material not pass clamp or mirror
  • VertexColorTest - pass gltf materials

Minimal Tests

  • Triangle w/o indices, Triangle
  • Animated Triangle - 360 anim not possible in tS
  • Animated Morph Cube, Animated Morph Sphere - linear interp not loaded but baked keys is good so not testable
  • Simele Meshes, Multiple Scenes - good, gets both scenes as 1
  • SimpleMorph - good, triangle sample
  • SimpleSparseAccessor - not supported, no crash so good enough
  • Simple Skin - working
  • Cameras - good
  • Interpolation - works but rotation tS limits
  • Unicode test - failed at plugin gltf load step


  • ABeautifulGame - large number of large textures will crash trueSpace,
    will crash in full glTF material option
    the only solution is to reduce the size of the texture files to 1024x1024 or less
    tests are crashing all the time now even on small textures restart pc: no good, try diff pc
    laptop tests - 256x256 loads full and simple texture, 512x512 both loaded, 1024x1024 both loaded,
    2048x2048 warning dialog and crash, hw max 1024 res 1/2 loaded simple texture, crash full gltf 512 and 1/4 also crash
  • ABeautifulGame(take 2) - will load without crashing if the trueSpace executable is patched to use 4Gig of ram.
    4GB Patch unzip and run on the trueSpace exe file, either tS7.exe or Rosetta.exe
    with the patch installed the texture size warnings during import can be ignored
    there will be a delay after loading before the model will show in the scene
  • LightsPunctualLamp - works, some extensions not supported
  • MaterialsVariantsShoe - all materials load with only first assigned, the extension defining where the extra materials can be used is not supported
  • MosquitoInAmber - texture size warning but loads, extensions not supported

Feature Tests Extensions

  • TextureTransformTest - gltf material pass, simple texture material pass half tests - no rotation
  • TextureTransformTest Multi - scale=10, gltf material pass uv1 for most of supported, simple texture material fails due to no rotation
  • no other extension tests apply/not supported

Export Tests

  • basic material types are exported - see color,see texture with texture exported option
  • get some transparency and normalmap
  • uv scale and offsets show in exported result
  • unreal will force staticmesh to skeletalmesh to get animations - interpolation odd so may need to bake keys, note must import using separate file?
  • export tests on old tS items not work well without extra processing, but not crash either
  • default gltf spec export texture is maximum metallic and roughness factors
  • joint names must not repeat even if separated by limbs or animation will be confused and unreal may lose joints on import
  • converting to scene instanced will remove lightworks flavor, maybe vray too
  • actor animation including morphs must be on the actor, not the skeleton - old actors some have it on the skeleton?
Dev notes
Files added to the tS install
  • "\\Rs Main Libraries\\Biped Limbs\\SkeletonStart2.RsSkel"
  • "\\Rs Main Libraries\\Components - Inputs and compilers\\InputBitmap2.RsObj" - small default aspect for InputBitmap
  • "\\Rs Main Libraries\\Shaders - Color Shaders\\BaseColorTextureShader.RsMat"
  • "\\Rs Main Libraries\\Shaders - Model Shaders\\DefaultMetalModelShader.RsMat"
  • "\\Rs Main Libraries\\Shaders - Model Shaders\\DefaultModelTextureShaderSimplePBR.RsMat"
  • "\\Rs Main Libraries\\Shaders - Texture coord shader\\DefaultTexCoordRotateShader.RsMat" - adds rotation to the standard move and scale of the DefaultTexCoordShader
Files from the Compositing Nodes install
  • "\\Rs Main Libraries\\Components - Compositing\\Image Channel Splitter.RsObj"
Files used from the default tS installation
  • "\\Scripts\\preobjects\\OmniLight.rsobj"
  • "\\Scripts\\preobjects\\DirectionalLight2.rsobj"
  • "\\Scripts\\preobjects\\infiniteLight.rsobj"
  • "\\Scripts\\preobjects\\SpotLight2.rsobj"
  • "\\Scripts\\preobjects\\Camera1.RsObj"
  • "\\Rs Main Libraries\\Shaders - Color Shaders\\SolidColorShader.RsMat"
  • "\\Rs Main Libraries\\Shaders - Constant Shaders\\ConstantColor.RsObj"
  • "\\Rs Main Libraries\\Components - Inputs and compilers\\InputBitmap.RsObj"
  • "\\Rs Main Libraries\\Materials - DX9\\SolidMetal.RsMat"
  • "\\Rs Main Libraries\\Materials - DX9\\Solid.RsMat"
  • "\\Rs Main Libraries\\Materials - DX9\\TextureBumpAlphaMetal.RsMat"
  • "\\Rs Main Libraries\\Materials - DX9\\TextureBumpAlpha.RsMat"
  • "\\Rs Main Libraries\\Materials - DX9\\TextureBumpMetal.RsMat"
  • "\\Rs Main Libraries\\Materials - DX9\\TextureBump.RsMat"
  • "\\Rs Main Libraries\\Materials - DX9\\TextureMetal.RsMat"
  • "\\Rs Main Libraries\\Materials - DX9\\Texture.RsMat" source code vs 2022

glTF viewer

glTF validator

  • note: tS cant load exr files, only hdr

December 13, 2023

  • rsx plugin v1638408
  • fix import first frame always at zero bug
  • morph animation export fixes
  • added scripts to convert morph animations into gltf compatible forms before exporting

November 26, 2023

  • rsx plugin v1638407
  • fixed crash from memory full (old problem returned) by skipping animation key imports
  • new frame skip option to fix memory issue and read baked animations faster
  • defaults to full gltf material import
  • default null size is smaller

November 25, 2023 - not released

  • fix actor mesh normals export
  • fix duplicate animation clips on actor import
  • tune light intensity export values
  • use specular strength in the roughness export value
  • fix for uu9 defaultmodel shader which sometimes reads values as doubles instead of floats ?
  • specular color to control metallic factor export
  • default filename from selection or scene
  • fixed export selected bug
  • fixed multi mesh actor export - by reading skin data from script instead of c++
  • easier morph application for imports
  • reset morph values on import
  • remove extraneous joint and make giant root bone virtual so it's nice and skinny
  • animation to actor wait message - can be long delay
  • clean more temporary nodes where appropriate
  • script to set light attenuation for gltf pbr materials
  • non-gltf material adjust roughness and metallic
  • use specular strength with roughness factor export

November 19, 2023 - not released

  • glb import - without textures
  • animation export linear and step interpolation
  • increase joint export limit from 25 to 256
  • can export selected from within groups
  • plugin version v1638406
  • clean morph helper nodes import and export
  • export named morphs
  • last minute fix to model shaders and lights

November 18, 2023 - not released

  • remove mesh instance nodes during cleanup
  • update materials details button
  • new light intensity mult for whole scene
  • export light intensity - assuming gltf materials to match
  • import set light intensity and export intensity connector - but conn doesnt show in default node aspect, but can be converted to uu9 light?
  • fix bug morph export xyz->xzy and if actor need to transform points
  • export morph names - common but not officially supported
  • finished actor animation conversion script

November 17, 2023 - not released

  • new material setup - better results
  • import light intensity to data node
  • reflection env on multi material objects and on all materials
  • can add reflection env to the basic DefaultMetalModelShader

November 11, 2023 - not released

  • dont export disabled anim clips
  • bind pose export fixed
  • test script to transfer actor and skeleton matrix/anim to the skeleton root is working
    on tB avatar female sample had to remove the pivot from the mesh before it would work, got strange scale animation
    also had to manually make scene instanced, convert script failed with error
  • fix apply morph errors when nothing good is selected

November 7, 2023

  • fixed installer - was not updating all the files
  • more details on toggle - more export panels
  • plugin v1638404

November 6, 2023

  • reupload - old version was still on site
  • plugin version 1638403 - forgot to update version, and can check to be sure it uploaded properly

November 5, 2023

  • improved actor hierarchy export actor is parent of skeleton and skeleton is parent of meshes and skeleton root
  • import infinite light instead of directional light
  • export some material shaders and bitmaps for use with new D3D materials node Show Details button
  • objmatrix connector added to imported objects
  • fix export values for roughness and metallic when texture is used for it
  • fix large mesh export bug
  • removed actor transform restrictions - no need to zero actor, skeleton, mesh and skeleton root
  • trueBlue: improved material list count for conversion script
  • mark imported meshes for instancing(started) - glTF instancing is limited, there is an extension dont know who supports it
  • export selected actor materials fixed

November 3, 2023 - not published

  • warn against crash from too many large texture files with hack
    also added bitmap compression but it had no effect
  • fix script error when convert nulls is run
  • add some error reporting - user cancel, failed to load, cancel after too many large textures

October 29, 2023

  • first release

October 28, 2023 - not released but soon

  • fixed texture image matching problems
  • image alpha no longer needs to be the same size as the color image
  • export multi-mesh actors - get some errors on export but test was on old ts actors, more testing needed
  • reduced metallic value on material exports
  • do not export invisible objects (crash fix)
  • cleanup script

October 27, 2023 - not released

  • fix multi mesh actor import skinning
  • support 8 joints per vertex importing- no good test
  • fix skinning import for different weight and joint data types

October 26, 2023 - not released

  • improved bind pose export, but still not good, works for simple T shaped actor
  • new bind import option - special case for bind not matching gltf file joint pose, parenting done in script, unknown reason for failure in c++
  • when setting interpolation dont open anim view if it's already open
  • multi-mesh actor import
  • testing wolf sample now - taking forever, very slow - too slow, test aborted

October 25, 2023 - not released

  • minimal tests complete
  • all tests have been run - only problem is RecursiveSkeletons which seems to freeze, blender opens it quickly, has 840 joints and about 90 meshes - too much for tS?

October 24, 2023 - not released

  • light and camera transform fixed
  • light and camera animation export added
  • environment reflection for pbr material
  • new DefaultMetalModelShader import and export
  • fix only 1 of multi-primitive mesh exporting
  • default random color materials if no scene instancing

October 23, 2023 - not released

  • improved animation rotations import
  • fixed extra animation clip import and fixed naming of clips
  • script copies animation clips to actors using animation list
  • fixed key at frame 1200 issue
  • key interpolation import script processing - not including morphs
  • created a constant shader to be used as reflection environment - roughness good, metal/non-metal seems reversed
  • script no longer need to select actor for skinning or animation transfer
  • actor ownermatrix fixed in script
  • script null convert, no selection needed - untested
  • final bind pose export attempt - failed

October 21, 2023 - not released yet

  • export only selected option added plus script to support only "selected" materials
  • GLTF import into encaps - needs some script updates,
    no skeleton groups for joint animation is all 1 encaps - not sure if multi-actor import will work
  • import actor name from gltf node
  • export add error message when alpha and color image sizes dont match

October 20, 2023 - not released

  • all tS materials will export "something" without crashing
  • texture exports from base, compound and pbr materials is working
  • translates shininess value to pbr roughness
  • only export jpg or png images - use lodepng library to export 32bit png when alpha channel - tS png limited to 24bit
  • fix mesh with no material crash
  • emissive map and factor and export color factor, alpha cutoff for compound materials
  • fixed mesh normals export

October 15, 2023 - not released

  • texture transform with rotation for color, normal, emissive and roughness textures
  • new DefaultTexCoordRotateShader.RsMat for uv rotation
  • some code cleanup/organization
  • retested import samples for materials and updated notes above
  • randomize material option - needed for identical materials with different names - tS does not allow duplicate scene instanced materials

October 14, 2023 - not published

  • created UV rotation node - not used yet, manual add node works
  • simple texture if no textures will load as simple color
  • simple texture if no color texture will still load if normal texture by creating single color texture for the color
  • simple texture not crash loading the TextureTransformMultiTest sample
  • simple texture mostly passes the TextureTransformTest sample
  • complex texture will pass the TextureTransformTest rotation if manually add new Rotate UV node
  • simple texture passes the TextureCoordinateTest except no vertex colors
  • simple base material passes AlphaBlendTest
  • simple alpha and normal map read in
  • plan 1. clean up the simple texture material import code 2. work on complex material import code 3. do base and compound material export

October 10 2023 - not published yet

  • import vertex colors adjust material to use them
  • reads color texture inside compound materials - still needs a lot of work
  • added vertex position min max to exported
  • import fix texture file name to use full path - just filename reads in but need path for export
  • script set actors to default pose before export
  • plugin dont rename mesh node - need "Editable shape" many depend on the name

October 8, 2023

  • mesh vertices orientation more compatible with gltf - full conversion tS lh z up to opengl rh y up
  • transform static and animated more compatible - full conversion tS lh z up to opengl rh y up
  • actor import is good
  • actor export is not good, bind pose problem - no solution in sight
  • remove child nodes from the scene node list
  • fixed - morphs broken - probably due to new vertex organization

September 29, 2023

  • found that actor export is not good - no way to fix it
  • gather all animations with common clip name into 1 animation
  • parenting structures export
  • removed 4 child joint for each parent limit
  • some junk debug inputs added to ui
  • import parented actor ownermatrix bug fix

September 23, 2023

  • morph animation export
  • multi-material mesh morph export
  • actor morph and morph animation export

September 17, 2023

  • actor animation export
  • mesh primitive import as individual mesh option
  • export options animation, cameras and lights

July 22, 2023

  • add support for null import and export

June 20 2023

  • skeletal mesh actor export - instead of null "joints" and a mesh
  • reads past limb encapsulators - no need to flatten the skeletal node structure
  • better vertex color export
  • plugin rsx updated, no change to scripts
April 29, 2023
April 29, 2023