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NURBS for trueSpace7.61(workspace)

A collection of scripts for using NURBS in the truespace workspace environment.

A version of this script comes pre-installed in the Unofficial trueSpace Updates -

    This version differs from the Unofficial Update version:
  • Toolbar layout.
  • Lost my notes, think there was some other difference. Maybe protection or undo history issue?

persistent base install required

Clintons3dPlugin.rsx v.1638429 is required and must be installed first.

Widget Tools required for draw curve and set mesh origin script.

Status Message required to display status messages properly.

Mesh Origin required to set mesh origin.

pe and obj nav widget updater that shows the origin and scale from and rotates around it.


  1. install the persistent base if not already installed
  2. install Clintons3dPlugin - restart trueSpace if updating the plugin
  3. install the widget tools
  4. install status message
  5. install mesh origin scripts
  6. drag the node into the link editor
  7. delete the node from the scene after install is complete
  8. The installer will add a button to the toolbar. Pressing this button will open the NURBS toolbar.

Installation Dev Note - for non-UU version of tS the installer will replace the Default Contex/Select node with one capable of auto selecting control point meshes. This node is identical to the one installed by the Unselectable scripts. They must be kept in sync.

File functions have been moved from the toolbar into the file import export menu

Important Notes

  • Hair on an LODMesh will crash tS, hair on the control point mesh is ok
  • The Brush displacement on a nurbs object will freeze/crash tS
  • *** Turn Super Sampling off when working with NURBS ***

Curves and Patches

  • General Utilities
  • NURBS Info display
  • Rebuild NURBS detail level
  • Extract a curve from a patch
  • Align control handles
  • Split into 2 parts
  • Weld 2 parts together
  • Skin series of curves into a patch
  • Use curve profile(s) and rail(s) to create patches
  • Lathe a curve into a patch
  • Grow Selection
  • Set Origin


  • Draw curve on scene geometry
  • Draw circles
  • Load curves from truespace cob and scn files.
  • Load SVG files
  • Save curves to truespace cob files
  • Save CSS animations for imported SVG files
  • Load curves from Turbocad dxf files
  • Convert a polygon to a curve.
  • Create a curve from vertex selections on a preexisting mesh.
  • Insert control points.
  • Delete control points.
  • Extend a curve in either direction.
  • Sweep a polygon selection along a curve path.
  • Animated svg export in css and greensock javascript formats.


  • create NURBS primitive for mesh primitives
  • extrude patch
  • refine patch
  • delete isocurve
  • select isocurve and related handles
  • Stitch - moves overlapping control points of 2 patches to be coincident
  • uitility for floating control points and refreshing mesh tirangulation
  • load and save patches in ascii cob format
January 7, 2011

October 10, 2022

  • fix a slowdown bug caused by NURBS being recomputed when moved in the scene
  • updated the installer
  • draw curve button highlight

December 14 2021

  • if bridge is on will ask question to avoid errors
  • resolution option added to reduce detail in imported complex curves
  • fix invisible curves when fill and stoke are not defined
  • stroke color used for fill option
  • thickness for imported polygons

September 24, 2021

  • fix bad triangle geometry when freezing patches
  • removes floating vertices when freezing patches
  • new option to weld vertices for 2 sided nurbs when freezing patches

August 29, 2021

  • fixes for curve and animation export
  • support for UU protect nurbs(guard)
  • more reliable dialog boxes, reduced undo usage
  • svg import more compatible with random sample svg files
  • new improved polygon conversion for frozen curves
  • copy and delete work with all scene objects, not just nurbs
  • copy copies into parent and will attach matrix connections
  • subpath/compound path import improved
  • import auto flip so svg objects always visible from the +Z direction
  • set patch solid/transparent buttons work on all scene items and creation templates, not just selection
  • layer0 no longer skipped
  • new icons for toolbar buttons
  • Added Select All Geometry to the utilities prep tab. I kept having problems until I realized I couldn't select because of back faces
  • Added paint current material to the patch creation scripts - a trueBlue request
  • Added a Fix Render Attributes button to the utilities panel. If the original Show Object Attribs button is used on NURBS it messes up their appearance. This fixes it.
  • Grow selection for NURBS will grow a selection and restrict it to the handles.
  • Origin to control center will place the origin at the control point of the selection. So if a control handle edge or point is selected the origin will be placed at its control point.
  • widget based auto control point mesh select
  • new curve and patch panels
  • can convert double sided patches to normal polygon mesh, freeze it
  • checks patch for odd u precision or even v precision values when freezing a patch - gives question with option to adjust precision for good quad result
  • primitives sphere, cylinder and cone will freeze cleanly by default - other primitives are already ok for freezing
  • Fix Curve Mesh BB - added code to center the mesh origin
  • Fix Bug in polygon to curve script that gave bad result or crashed truespace - when reading selection data must read mesh from Editable shape node Input Mesh connector
  • Weld Nurbs - mesh origin to the center of the mesh and fix a "ju mping" bug where welded object is in a different location than the original meshes
  • status messages plugin based
  • Fixed a bug in the split nurbs patch that gave bad looking handles when split in one direction, the other direction already gave a good result

January 6, 2021

  • move curve utilities into nurbs utilities
  • recombine curve import and settings panels
  • css animation export: fix bugs, make sample file and remove greensock javascript animation
  • curve import remove expose extra attributes, replace with panel export for color and opacity
  • curve import fix so color imported to non-constant material
  • curve import fix convert to polygon option
  • fix incompatible nurbs name when loading exported workspace nurbs into modelspace - prevented proper node behavior
  • nurbs patch import get proper naming via parent polyhedron
  • patch import proper assignment of the matrix values
  • fix bug in the fix handles scripts so works no matter which element of the nurbs is selected
  • all floating panels open side by side and takes side panel into consideration

January 3, 2021

  • added enhancements and fixes from trueBlue's Unofficial Updates for trueSpace
  • new freeze curve as polygon option
  • fix triangulation tool renamed to fix handles - enhanced to work when any element of the curve node is selected
  • sweep curve changes from trueBlue plus open uv editor optional
  • name curve from circle scripts - NURBS Circle
  • name patch from primitive type - NURBS Plane, NURBS Torus etc.
  • fix all cases where pe selection mode is altered by the tools
  • extend curve - increase curve resolution and don't extend so far
  • move patch and curve file buttons to the file menu
  • requires new plugin version 1638426 for the file menu export options
  • control point meshes added new button to select the nurbs nodes = trueBlue "Exit" button

December 16, 2020

  • bug fix installer to make PickSelect script persistent
  • lathe panel opens without overlapping other panels

December 15, 2020

  • changed default color of curves to white
  • incorporated UI changes by trueBlue
  • removed select curve and select patch buttons from the NURBS nodes
  • removed owner name node used for the render attributes - deprecated years ago
  • locked the Matrix of the LODMesh(visible NURBS) so it can't move independent of the control mesh
  • export the render attributes so the NURBS mesh visibility can be controlled
  • freeze nurbs - remove left over name node (trueBlue contrib), replace the render attribute node

December 13, 2020

  • new NURBS structures
  • expanded toolset

October 30, 2020

  • new NURBS patch beta scripts + plugin code
  • curves option to use plugin code for tesselation
  • new circle curves
  • curve LOD node no longer left behind when transforming the group
  • curve is selected after its creation
  • installer opens the toolbar and uses updated toolbar reset list

August 7, 2020

  • supports import of reflection type curve paths (T,t,S,s)
  • reads files that contain a 1 line DTD header
  • installer clears the recent files list

October 8, 2019

  • sweep path works with rotated meshes
  • autofacet/smooth on swept geometry
  • possible improved cross section orientations

September 8, 2019

  • bug animation at end of path eror
  • ui cleanup by trueBlue
  • fix ui swapped scale and offset

May 19, 2019

  • new option to make curve points evenly spaced
  • new animation position control

May 2, 2019

  • enhanced add control point script does not alter the selection mode or tool

February 24, 2018

  • persistent install v2 compatible
  • compatible with new batch installer

January 14, 2018: widget install fix

January 7, 2018

  • persistent installer
  • new button to open the curves toolbar
  • unique id for toolbar frame
  • removed right click on polygon to curve button
  • load curve bug: name already exist in scene
  • load curve bug: mirrored in x
  • load curve new: reads curve transform
  • save curve bug: fixed trasnform
  • sweep curve works with the new curve node from July 9, 2012
  • LODin slider limited to even numbers to avoid spikes
  • curve sweep bug: if uv editor not open then get random hard crashes
  • curve sweep improved uv generation and no need to clear the mesh edit settings preserve unwrap

May 31, 2017

  • dont add simple rectangle to freeze curves list
  • new image tags working
  • new option constant color materials
  • css animation export checks and ignores disabled clips
  • opacity only keys - fixed bug
  • april 9 fixed a file path bug css anim export - weird should not have worked
  • partially tested with new keyframes format from rsx plugin, release early because tied to new od_copypaste

March 4, 2017

  • spikey representation fixed
  • freeze curves keeps grouping relationships
  • curve points no longer visible

March 10, 2017

  • added Greensock javascript animation export
  • added scale value to the ui
  • option to break paths into seperate curves
  • better text sizing
  • buttons for fixing and flipping curve based polygons

March 5, 2017 - SVG improvements and CSS export

  • fixed a path bug
  • better color processing - added 3 digit hex and rgb() formats
  • polygon import and improved ellipse and rounded rectangle polygon modes
  • import color and transparency
  • curves as polygons improvements
    • expose transparency for easy animation
    • import as curves then freeze and add pivots
  • import viewbox representation
  • better random names for items without id
  • import at increasing z value to overlap properly in 3D space
  • freeze curve maintains hierarchy
  • text import font, font size, font style and transforms
  • will read style from parent group and apply to the children
  • NEW - CSS animation export

April 5, 2016 - read small exponential values as zero instead of just failing

November 21, 2015 -

  • reads svg files and only saves cob format files
  • supports the new curve close flag
  • saves curves to a single cob file instead of an scn file

Nov 21, 2015

  • use new curve node with extra points centered
  • closed curves
  • head indicator does not interfere with editing
  • svg file support and many curves export to 1 cob file
  • easier to select the control points mesh for editing
  • freeze curve has a cleaner result
  • easy visibility controls

December 1 2012: unique button ids

July 9 2012 - Curves are encapsulated inside a group. The name of the group is assigned from the load script and the save scripts use the group name for the curve name. To rename a group, select the curve in the 3D view and press the up narrow key once to select the group. To edit a curve select it in the 3D view. It's name will be "controlPointMesh". If the "LODMesh" is selected use the left or right arrow keys until controlPointMesh is selected. Once a curve is selected the left and right arrows can be used to select the curve shaper node and it's controls will show in the panel view.

June 17, 2012 - bug fix for the points to curve widget, had mouse drag instead of mouse click node

June 3, 2012

  • save curves to truespace cob and scn files
  • save multiple curves to multiple cob files or to a single scn file

January 16 2012: bug fix for the sweep function which worked in one computer but failed in another. Made it more robust by breaking out a selection and a conversion into seperate script nodes so the scene can update more consistently.

January 8, 2012

  • old version was uploaded(fixed)
  • new automatic installer
  • installs to a NURBS toolbar instead of the Custom toolbar

October 9, 2011 - reads bezier curves from TurboCAD(v14) dxf files

September 6, 2009
September 19, 2009