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Object and Point Edit Widget updater for trueSpace 7.61

Updater includes all previous enhancements to the object navigation and point edit widgets for workspace. Includes a new updated help system. All changes are based on a stripped down versions of the widgets included with the Unofficial Updates.

Page is out of data. May not be compatible with the Unofficial Updates v9

persistent base install required

Clintons3dPlugin required

WidgetScripts scripts are required before installing the updated widgets

Popup toolbar scripts are required to cycle through the widgets

Origin scripts required to set the mesh origin location


  1. install the persistent base if not already installed
  2. install rsx plugin
  3. install widget scripts
  4. install popup toolbars
  5. install origin scripts
  6. drag the node into the link editor and press the install button
  7. delete the install script and restart trueSpace after the install is complete

Help system

  • Display help text by holding the "i" key and moving the mouse cursor over the control surfaces of the widgets.
  • "i" is for "information" since "h" was already used for hide.
  • The cage widgets don't display any help.

Enhancements to the object and point edit widgets

  • color corrected so Red Green Blue corresponds to XYZ
  • 4 object navigation widgets that can be combined with the cage widget
  • standalone cage widget
  • Origin indicator - can be turned off using the Origin scripts
  • point edit pivot snapping exists in the required popup toolbar
  • help display via mouse hover + holding the "i" key
  • object nav widgets are compatible with autokey system

Shortcuts removed and added into the popup toolbars

  • both pivot snapping with rotation options, base pivot snap shortcut still in place
  • move, rotate and scale tools
  • cycle widgets
  • mouse settings
  • preferences


  • "i" information
  • "p" + LMB click on the PE Widget = move the pivot to selection
  • ctrl + LMB click PE center sphere to set the origin to the selection center
  • alt + LMB toggle axis lock
  • arcs RMB rotates around the origin, LMB around the center or the pivot/axis if it exists
  • ctrl + LMB,RMB to scale from the origin point
  • ctrl + LMB cage widget open settings with mousee wheel option?

TODO screenshots of preferences panels and document controls

Redo this whole page

September 7, 2021

  • includes all previous widgets including th centered navigation widget
  • widgets are switched using the required popup toolbars
  • pivot snapping moved into the popup toolbars
  • scale and rotate around the origin

February 24, 2018

  • persistent install v2 compatible
  • compatible with new batch installer
  • autoinstaller
  • fixed "installed" message

January 14, 2018 - fixed widgets install

September 10, 2017

PE Pivot Update for trueSpace 7.61 patched

Updates the PE Pivot snapping tool in trueSpace7.61 Unofficial Patch number 3 (November 2012). Replaces the PE Pivot Snap, Move, Rotate and Scale nodes to add more pivot snap behaviors on the middle and right mouse buttons. The left mouse button action is unchanged.

Install the Unoffical update first. Link is below in the notes section.

pe widget

changes shown in yellow above. click the image for a larger version


  • "p" + LMB click on the PE Widget = move the pivot to selection

pe pivot update

Unofficial Update 3 - pe pivot


  • Made for the Unofficial Update 3 version of trueSpace
  • The new middle mouse and right mouse actions only work on face and triangle selections.
  • some enhanced controls I use
    • ctrl + RMB on center control for widget size
    • MMB on center control to move the widget
  • unofficial update pivot note: if 2 objects are selected before entering PE mode, can only set pivot on the first selected item and can only set pivot using vertices of first selected object. the second object can use the pivot of the first item.
January 18, 2014
September 19, 2009