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Blender Link for trueSpace7.61

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This script will use Blender to generate some meshes, curves and uv maps. The bevel tool can be applied to edge and vertex selections. A socket server is installed in Blender and a socket client is used in tS to transfer data and commands.

persistent base install required

All prerequisites are included in the Unofficial trueSpace Updates -

The script requires the plugin, Clintons3dPlugin, version v.1638442 or higher. This can also be found on the persistent install scripts page.

NURBS required to import curves.

Status Message required.

Global function set required.

JSON function set install required, released Oct 19 2022 for Blender 3.3


If the unofficial updates v9 is installed skip to step 5

  1. install the persistent base if not already installed
  2. install the rsx plugin if it is not already installed
  3. install the nurbs tools and all its requirements
  4. install status message, global function set and json function set
  5. drag the node into the link editor and press the install button
  6. delete the node from the scene after the install is complete

Blender Installation

  1. Edit > Preferences...
  2. Add-ons tab
  3. Enable Add Mesh: Extra Objects
  4. Enable Add Curve: Extra Objects
  5. Install the Add-on from install button at the top
  6. choose, and check the box when it appears to enable the add on
  7. The Command Link will be found in the Sidebar in the Clintons3D panel
blender command link

Start - will start the socket server in Blender which will receive the commands from trueSpace

Stop - will stop the socket server

uv panel primitive panel nurbs panel spiral panel bevel panel


Blender uv tools information

  • Start Blender and press the Start button in the Command Link section of Clintons3D
  • Smart UV - run smart uv on the selected mesh object ( or on PE vertex or edge selections)
  • Unwrap UV - select edges or points and run unwrap, edge selection will transfer as marked seams

Mesh Primitives:

Blender mesh primitives information

Blender extra mesh object information

  • Monkey - create Blender mesh object
  • Icosphere - create Blender mesh object
  • Round Cube - create Blender mesh object, no UVs generated
  • Teapot - create Blender mesh object, no UVs generated


Blender extra curve object information

  • Ellipse - create Blender curve object
  • Polygon - create Blender curve object
  • Star - create Blender curve object

Spiral Curves:

Blender extra curve object information

  • Spiral - create Blender spiral curves


Blender bevel edges information

Blender bevel points information

Undo about 5 times to remove the bevel and get back to the original selection

  • Miter Inner - can easily crash trueSpace
  • Bevel - select the points or edges to bevel, drag change the Offset value to see a preview before commiting to the Bevel


  • Bevel Miter Inner may cause a tS crash
    TODO: disable this option, even when working it doesn't look very useful
  • Smart UV - Correct Aspect does not do anything - used inside Blender to adjust for a texture image aspect ratio
  • trueSpace may crash if the mesh has more than 12000 vertices
    it seems to fail half way through the uv calculations when generating the tS mesh
    Further testing indicates that if the mesh has 1 uv then about 30000 vertices is ok and if it has 2 uv channels then about 15000 vertices is ok
  • not all Blender options for all the tools are supported
  • if there is an error in Blender that stops the command link from working, Stop and Start the socket server may clear the error and restore functionality
  • uses a modified OD Copy Paste format to transfer mesh information
    OD_CopyPasteExternal by Oliver Hotz of Origami Digital
  • Potential future change - use own data format, including normals data

May 30, 2023

  • added crash warning for bevel miter inner = ARC
  • add undo buttons for smart uv, unwrap uv and bevel
  • updated blender addon to use vertex or point selections if active for smart uv
  • fixed torus spiral inner radius
May 17, 2023
May 17, 2023