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Web Browser Color Picker

Web based color picker using a modified version of a javascript color picker created by John Dyer. It uses the Mongoose embedded web server, AngularJS for the other ui elements and a combination of rsx plugin and script nodes to communicate with trueSpace. It works with Firefox and Chrome web browsers. Internet Explorer(IE) does not work as well and older versions of IE won't work at all. Colors update in real time and it has 8 slots for color swatches. The swatches can also be loaded from the image based node color picker.


installation instructions here: webui.html - installs both the scene view and color picker

Note that the video below was made for an old version of the color picker and does not show the installation of the second rsx plugin and does not mention the persistent script requirement.


  • Click the toolbar button, www, to start the server and open the options panel.
  • Press the Open button or Start a web browser and go to http://localhost:8080/web/colorpicker.html
  • If the selected node changes, the color picker will not update until the mouse pointer passes over it.

web color picker

  • Use Firefox or Chrome based browsers
  • It is more difficult to use when the browser window overlaps the trueSpace window. Dual monitors are recommended for ease of use.t
  • Use the color picker controls to alter the color in truespace interactively
  • will not detect color changes from truespace
  • The color swatch. Click the color to load it into the picker and apply it to the selection. Press Set to save the current color into the swatch
  • show only material colors - nodes outside of a material collection will be ignored. Uncheck to see light colors.
  • Next is a clickable list of node/connector combinations that can be edited. By default only material colors show in the list
  • color path: shows the full path of the node where the current edit color lives inside truespace
  • connector: shows which connection on the node will be edited
  • scene view link - a link to the scene view version 1 page

picker node

The Color Picker node can be used to sample a color from an image and save it to the swatch list

  • image can be directly loaded to the node by drag and drop or ctrl-click on the small image icon
  • select a color from the image an press Save swatch will save the color to the swatch
  • the active swatch to receive the change is cycled each time the button is pressed
  • download the Color Picker node

Dev Notes

  • The color picker is a modified version of John Dyers color picker. Copyright (c) 2007 John Dyer (
  • uses the AngularJS v1 framework

October 23 2017

  • general ui improvements and cleanup
  • removed the close socket button
  • fixed mild bug - dont remember what
  • color picker node updated to work with the new windows timer based polling

September 8 2016

  • moved almost all code to angularjs
  • do not have to press enter to complete the update, but mouse needs to be over the color picker
  • much better performance on slow computer, but get flashing in the display
  • added spinners to the number inputs(not visible in Edge browser)
May 19, 2013