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workspace layers version 4 for trueSpace7.61

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A layers system for trueSpace workspace.


installation instructions here: webui.html - installs the scene view, color picker and layers

LMB to add the layers node to the scene and open the html control view, RMB to open the options panel

layers4 panel
  • Select Control Point Mesh when active will automatically select the control point mesh for NURBS objects.
  • Protect Curve and Dimens Color the color of a NURBS curve and Dimensions will not be changed by layer assignment.
  • Deselect Items When Locking when locking a layer any selected items in the layer will be deselected.
  • Open in Small aspect automatic switch the panel to the small aspect.
  • Line Hair Profile to Circle Profile convert incompatible Line hair profiles to Circle profiles.
  • Quick Processing faster but less precise and no group support. Deactivate if show and hide do not work properly.
  • text of link to use with external web browsers - this is required for Windows XP
  • Restart Web Server and Layers restarts the web server and reopens the layers window.
layers4 ui layers4 color picker
  • Add New Layer - create a new layer with the lowest available number for the id
  • Refresh button is for updating the display after deleting, creating or loading new items into the scene.
  • No layer count number of renderable objects that do not belong to any layer. This count includes child nodes of objects that are assigned to a layer.
  • # and Name column headings can be used to sort the layers
  • The color control is for setting the wireframe color of a layer.
  • Name assign a layer name.
  • Lock make items unselectable in the 3D view
  • Hide make items invisible in the 3D view. Note that Quick Processing may need to be deactivated if results are not as expected.
  • Select - select all the objects in the layer.
  • Add to layer - add selected objects to the layer.
  • Remove - all layer members will move to layer 0 without changing their appearance to match layer 0
  • Display has options for:
    • Global, Solid, Solid Wire, Transp, Transp Wire, Wireframe - layer display modes are global/object mode off, solid, solid wire, transparent, transparent wireframe and wireframe.
  • Backfaces(BF) - additional display options to show back faces in transparent and transparent wire display modes.
  • Hidden Lines(HL) - additional display options to show hidden lines in transparent wire display mode.
  • Cnt - a count of all the visible objects in the layer including group members but not including the groups themselves.
  • Grp - number of groups and the number of items in the group. Format is "#groups(#items in the groups)"
  • Reload - same as pressing the refresh button on a web browser.
  • Initialize - set the layer to the initial state based on the scene objects.

Group Count Notes:

  • The group counts make it easier to visualize the size of a layer selection. Ex 1 group with 98 visible parts, select by layer will only select the 1 group.
  • Groups inside other groups will add to the group count
  • Actors are groups
  • Bare skeletons are counted as groups with 0 members
  • Skeletons are created on layer 0
  • A simple actor added to a layer will count as 1 group with 2 members, the skeleton and the mesh
  • The tank girl with handles sample will show as group 1(0) when loaded into a scene with 3 no layers objects. It will show as 2(4) when added to a layer. The groups are the actor and the mesh group, the items are the 3 meshes and the skeleton
  • Characters from the library will be made up of meshes in one layer or no layer and their skeletons in another layer. Adding them to a layer will combine the counts based on their structure/hierarchy
  • The Bobby sample with hair added to a layer shows as group count of 3(4), remove the hair and count is 2(2) so hair was a group with 2 items
  • If a group contains NURBS it will not show in the group counts because NURBS are special custom groups that are not compatible with normal render attributes processing in trueSpace
  • Complex group relationships will require some interpretation to make sense of the group counts.
layers4 ui small

small aspect does not have controls for hidden lines or hidden faces or group counts


UU9 Differences

  • UU9 has optional popup panel that opens with the scene
  • UU9 show/hide aspect button
  • UU9 Quick Processing is Off by default


  • This version does not connect to modelside.
  • The script will read modelspace layer numbers, but not the wireframe color.
  • The internal html window does not work in windows xp
  • Quick Processing increases the speed of adding to a layer, removing a layer, hide layer and show layer.
    This option was added because a scene with many items will have layer operations that are too slow to be practical
    If an operation doesn't work, turn off quick mode and try again then turn quick mode back on afterward.
  • Children of groups can have their own layers, but if their parent is assigned to a layer the children will follow.
  • Boolean operations and some hide/show scripts will cause objects to lose their layer assignment.
  • layer 1 is the default layer for workspace, layer 0 is the default for modelspace
  • NURBS are special custom groups that count as standalone items
  • Each Dimension will count as 2: 1 for the text and 1 for the graphic part
  • new scene items don't inherit the layer 1 appearance automatically
  • trueSpace will make spotlights, projector lights or cameras temporarily visible when they are selected
  • line profile hair will disappear when an object is added to a layer, changing the hair profile from line to star or circle fixes this.
  • locking requires installation of the unSelectable script
  • Works best with the new locking widget Sept 2020
  • The color picker text input will not update the preview color. This does update the preview when running from an external web browser.
  • dev note: base tS object render attribute assigned to a group with 1 member, ignores the group and applies it to the lone member
    if more than 1 member, it is assigned to the group
    tS bug: skinning nodes are detected as renderable by script
    the quick processing option cuts some corners - a permanent speedup for all functions may be possible with hashing and/or tracking the layer changes

December 22, 2023

  • copied workspaceLayers from the UU dated March 2023, it has some kind of AddToLayer fix

January 8, 2023

  • dont open layers if no webserver
  • remove "Re-Hide Camera and Light ORA"

January 6, 2023

  • fix camera and spotlight show and hide layers
  • works with the dimensions script objects
  • fix bug when protect curve color was stopping lock and visibility updates when adding or removing from layers
  • protect curve color expanded to include dimension graphic color
  • removed ReconnectAllObjectHiderNodes - new show/hide technique does not disconnect

November 8, 2021

  • fix bugs when working with group objects
  • fixed couple of minor quick processing bugs
  • fixed blank display mode bug

November 2, 2021

  • added quick processing option

May 28, 2021

  • added trueblue UU changes to reduce the number of undos used by the layers system
  • remove layer object render attribute fix
  • remove layer added confirm dialog

May 8, 2021

  • fix multiple reconnection of object hider node
  • fixed color display on small aspect
  • fixed backfaces and hidden lines set when add to layer
  • fixed ora visible in stack view after add to layer
  • remove layer - all objects go to layer 0 - no ora changes to match layer0
  • add button to hide exported camera and light ora panel

May 3, 2021

  • refactored to work with groups in a more generic way - also full support for deeply nested groups
  • layer 0 and 1 always appear in the list of layers
  • disconnect object hider if present in cameras and lights - can be reconnected from the new RMB panel button
  • fixed to work with lights that do not have render attributes
  • fixed remove layer bug
  • add to layer - bug: backfaces and hidden lines not used - fixed
  • capture websocket errors
  • auto convert hair option
  • auto open small aspect option
  • fixed NURBS processing

April 22, 2021

  • small aspect taller to fit the color picker properly
  • fixed hiding of selected cameras and spotlights
  • option to deselect items when locking
  • updated the color picker
  • added title/tool tips

Based on Workspace Layers 3 code base


April 18, 2021
April 18, 2021