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Node List View for trueSpace7.61

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Plugin and script that provides a window similar to the Scene view, but with more options and automatic alphabetization. It displays a list of all the items in the scene. If the Object Information script is installed it will update automatically from the rsx plugin.

You can open a Link Editor view, select and delete items like the Scene view, but you can also filter the list by type of object, create navigation bookmarks and copy the full path of a node to the windows clipboard.

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Load the rsx plugin via the plugin panel - Clintons3dRsView.rsx

This comes installed as a part of the Scene View v2.

A new rsobj file, "NodeGraphUtilities.RsObj" will be added to the "Objects - Base" library and a button will be created. Click the new button to open the view.


  • The listbox has an unusual selection method. To select an item you left click then right click. For multiple selections drag or use combinations of shift and ctrl.
  • For multiple selections drag or use combinations of shift and ctrl followed by a right click
  • The root level dropdown list holds bookmarks. "__Scene" is the scene level and "__Root" is the top level in truespace.
  • The Set Root button is used to add a bookmark and set the root level to that bookmark.
  • The Enable Statistics checkbox enables the Object Statistics data updates.
  • The Misc, Geometry, Light ... checkboxes act as filters. If it's not checked then it won't show in the list.
    • Misc is a catch all for items that don't fit into the other filter categories.
    • The Visible and Invisible filters only work for One Level lists.
    • To get a list of invisible objects, check One Level and uncheck Visible and check Invisible.
  • The One Level checkbox will display only one level of nodes at the current root level. When unchecked it will display all the child nodes and their descendants
  • Delete to delete the selection
  • Open LE button to open the link editor to a node
  • Copy Path button will copy the full path of the selected node to the windows clipboard.
  • Select button will select the scene items based on the chosen items from the list. Right click in the list after making the choice will also select the nodes.
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March 2023

  • installed as a part of Scene View v2
  • new enable stats checkbox

July 3, 2015

  • only 1 click needed for the root selection dropdown
  • list view highlights based on node selection
  • removed the "Add" option in the root selection list
  • renamed "Home" to "Scene"
  • don't allow duplicate bookmarks
  • longer list view
  • changed plugin version to v.1638402

July 20 2014:

  • autoloader
  • unique button id
  • rsx plugin as a separate download
November 29 2011
June 5, 2013