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Null Objects for trueSpace7.61

null icon

Convert meshes to null objects and use them with the installed Null widget.

persistent base install required

Clintons3dPlugin.rsx is required.


  1. install the persistent base if not already installed
  2. install rsx plugin
  3. drag the node into the link editor
  4. be sure testing is unchecked
  5. press the install button and wait
  6. delete the node from the scene after install is complete

Nulls Panel

nulls panel


  • Rename to "Null" - will rename the object to "Null" after the conversion
  • Original - keep the original mesh object
  • Basic Cross - replace the object mesh with a basic cross mesh
  • Flared Cross - replace the object mesh with a flared cross mesh
  • Arrow - replace the object mesh with an arrow mesh
  • Axes - replace the object mesh with a xyz axes mesh
  • Convert - convert the selected mesh objects into null objects or change the shape of an existing null object
Offline Render Prep
  • Add Camera - add a camera to the selected nodes in order to fool offline renderers into thinking it's a camera and not render it
  • Remove Camera - remove the camera from the selected nodes
  • Select All Nulls - select all null objects in the scene
  • Size - the size value to use when resizing the selected nulls
  • Resize - resize the selected null objects
null shapes
Left to Right: Original(from a cone), Basic Cross, Flared Cross, Arrow, Axes

Null Processor Panel

nulls processor panel

Change the size and orientation of the null without altering it's transformation values

  • X Y Z - choose an axis direction for the mesh
  • Size - set the mesh size
null orientations
Left to Right: Y, Z and X orientations for the same mesh shape


  • all nulls are wireframe display by default
  • primitive object controls will still be active for the null objects created from them
  • add cameras to nulls to prevent offline render engines from rendering them
  • the widget is centered on the mesh origin and transforms about that origin
  • the less saturated bars of the widget indicate the negative axis directions
  • the display of the nulls can be controlled via the object render attributes
  • nulls inside groups are not compatible with the Unofficial Updates Intensive mode Show and Hide scripts
  • collada enhanced export will now export these null objects as nulls
  • gltf will now import and export these null objects as nulls
  • some importers and exporters will be written to use these null objects
July 22, 2023
July 22, 2023