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Web Browser Scene View

Web based scene viewer.


installation instructions here: webui.html - installs both the scene view and color picker


  1. Click the toolbar button, www, to start the server and open the options panel.
  2. Select Scene View radio button
  3. Press the corresponding Open button to open the default web browser to the Scene View page

scene view tree scene view context

Start a web browser and go to http://localhost:8080/web/scenetree.html

  • Use Firefox or Chrome browsers
  • It is more difficult to use when the browser window overlaps the trueSpace window. Dual monitors are recommended for ease of use.
  • The top item in the view is the scene node
  • visible and hidden icons match the truespace modelside layers - light blue/green is visible , white is invisible
    click to switch visibility
  • object locking is indicated by a yellow cross , click to make an object unselectable
  • locking function requires installation of the unSelectable script
  • click item names to select/rename
  • ctrl-click to toggle selection of items
  • alpha order: arrange in alphabetical order instead of creation order
  • Refresh Tree: for when the tree gets out of sync with the truespace scene
  • show type: displays the node type - light, camera, skeleton, group etc.
  • show bone name: displays the child bones of the joints. click the bone name to select the bone
  • color picker link - open the color picker page

Right click context menu:

Some functions require the Unofficial Update (UU) version of TrueSpace

  • Expand/Collapse All - expands and collapses the child elements of a node recursively, can be slow for complex hierarchies
  • Group3D/Group/Explode Group - all correspond to encapsulation controls in truespace, an open link editor window can interfere with the grouping functions because it will wait for the user to type a name for the group
  • Remove from group Explode 3D Group - UU required
  • Parent - ctrl click to choose the children and parent nodes, right clicked the node that will be the parent
  • Unparent - select the child node(s) and remove them from the parent
  • Delete - remove the node from the scene
  • Open LE to node - centers the node in the LE view
  • Open node in LE - look inside the node in the LE view
  • Show/Hide - show or hide the node UU required
  • Show Selected/Hide Selected - show or hide the selected nodes UU required
  • Show All/Hide All - UU required


  • object mesh data display automatically updates the Object Statistics node
  • items that show in the scene view

    • lights
    • cameras
    • mesh
    • script
    • groups
    • skeleton
    • parenting
  • items that do not show in the scene view

    • anything outside of the scene node
    • sub-nodes materials, render objects, pivots, transforms
    • bones are presented as a part of the joints
    • combination of grouping/parenting relationships - the nodes will show but the heirarchy will not be correct
  • truespace actions that do not update the web view

    • add a new object to the scene
    • grouping
    • parenting unparenting
  • does not expand the tree to the selected item
  • ctrl-click does not work with bone selection. only one bone can be selected at a time
  • bone selection does not display as the selected item, it will show the bones parent joint

September 30, 2020

  • support for new widget based style of selection locking
  • unlocking will remove the locking node - old change from other locking scripts

January 18, 2018

  • persistent install

October 28 2017

  • object locking
  • removed unreliable selected object indicator

October 23 2017

  • removed selection style - toggle vs normal
  • removed skeleton selection - joint vs bone
  • removed redundant show and hide from the context menu
May 19, 2013