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Web Browser Scene View v2

Web UI based scene viewer.


installation instructions here: webui.html - installs the scene view, the old v1 scene view, color picker and layers
Also has descriptions for the WebServer panel options.


  1. Click the toolbar button, www, to start the server and open the options panel.
  2. Select Scene View 2 radio button
  3. Press the corresponding Open button to open the default web browser to the Scene View page

scene view2 tree

Action Buttons

  • Scene - refresh/load with the scene as the top level node
  • Root - refresh/load with the Kernel root as the top level node
  • Expand to - open the tree to the currently selected node
  • Straighten - when the display columns get out of alignment realign them
  • Options - display options for the tree view


  • Icon indicating the type of object - see below
  • Object name - click to select, double click to rename
  • Visible/Hidden indicator - click to show or hide the object,
    if you get unexpected results ctrl+click to run in intensive mode
  • Locked/Unlocked indicator - click to lock or unlock from 3D viewport selection
  • Notes - add or edit an existing note for the object. Gray = no note, Green = has note, Yellow = note previewed at the top.
  • Load subobject - load children and expand the tree for this row

Object type icons

  • Actor,
  • Animation,
  • Bone,
  • Camera,
  • Constraint,
  • Curve,
  • Geometry,
  • Group,
  • Group3D,
  • Hair,
  • IKHandle,
  • IKLock,
  • Light,
  • Mesh,
  • Material,
  • Modifier,
  • Particle,
  • Patch,
  • Physics,
  • Skeleton,
  • Text
  • Null

The Null icon has 2 color states: green will render and blue will not render

Right click context menu:

scene view 2 context

Some functions require the Unofficial Update (UU) version of TrueSpace

  • Group3D/Group/UnGroup - all correspond to encapsulation controls in truespace
  • UnGroup3D - same as Ungroup but will cleanup connections and remove the transform node , UU required
  • Parent - ctrl click to choose the children and parent nodes, right clicked the node that will be the parent
  • UnParent - select the child node(s) and remove them from the parent
  • Show Node in LE - centers the node in the LE view
  • Open Node in LE - open and look inside the node in the LE view
  • Delete - remove the node(s) from the scene, if node is a parent node it will also remove the children

See the Hierarchy scripts for parenting info

Drag and Drop menu:

scene view drag drop

  • Parent - drag selected nodes onto the new parent node
  • Move into Group - drag selected nodes onto another node to move them into it
  • Move into Group 3D - move into group for 3D objects with matrix connections

See the Hierarchy scripts for parenting and grouping info

Notes Editor

notes editor

click the notes icon to open the note editor and create or edit a note

  • save - save the note
  • cancel - cancel any changes and exit the note editor
  • delete - remove the note

save, cancel, delete

if the selected object has a note, the notes will display at the top.

note display in the panel view

When an object is selected it's note will display in the trueSpace panel view

Not all of the formatting will translate to the tS panel display.

The panel can be ctrl-dragged out of the panel and it has options for various sizes

  • Default
  • Wide
  • ExtraWide
  • WideTall
  • ExtraWideTall

The Scene View does not need to be open to see the note. A simplified version of note can be viewed inside tS without the page open

Avoid adding large images to the notes.


options panel
  • Order by: - arrange alphabetically, by trueSpace node ID or by type of object. It is
  • Show Notes - uncheck to hide the notes section at the top. The notes editor will still open as needed.
  • Parent-Child - display parent child relationships
  • Joint Heirarchy(Hierarchy) - display actor skeleton structures instead of group structure, bones will not be visible
  • Show Bone Names - the name of the child bone of the joint will show at the end of the row when Joint Hierarchy is active.
  • NURBS Auto CP Mesh Select - when selecting a NURBS object it's control point mesh will be selected instead so it can be edited or transformed in the 3D viewport.
  • Label Width - increase the value to prevent long object names from taking more than 1 line


  • Use Firefox or Chrome based browsers
  • Does not work with Windows XP
  • It is more difficult to use when the browser window overlaps the trueSpace window. Dual monitors or an external device is recommended for ease of use.
  • ctrl + lclick to toggle selection of items
  • shift + lclick select a range from the previous selected node to last selected node Vue JS source code

Dev notes

  • git clone ...
  • cd tS_SceneView
  • npm install
  • start tS WebServer on port 8080
  • npm run dev
  • make changes, test etc ...
  • git push to save back to github
  • npm run build
  • copy index.html and assets from the dist folder into "tS main folder"/web/sceneview2
  • edit index.html to add a period to the from of the link paths to the css and js files

Some changes from v1 scene view

  • icons to indicate type of object, more object types
  • new icons for locked and visible
  • icons from Inkscape and Blender
  • new notes feature for workspace
  • optional heiarchy display of joints
  • optional parenting hiearchy display - upgrade works with and inside groups
  • upgrade can show all nodes, not just top level scene nodes, groups and actors
  • shift + lclick select a range from previious selected node to last selected
  • icon button to load in and expand a nodes children
September 8, 2022