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Unselectable Script for trueSpace7.61

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Lock scene items from basic selection. It works by creating an "UnSelectable" node inside the item.

persistent base install required

Clintons3dPlugin.rsx v.1638419 is required to use widget based locking
The old version of the plugin must be uninstalled first. Simply replacing the rsx file won't work for this script
A new plugin, version 1638424 fixes a bug with group locking

A version of this script is included in the Unofficial Updates.


  1. install the persistent base if not already installed
  2. drag the node into the link editor
  3. delete the node from the scene after install is complete
  4. To update the rsx file, uninstall the old version first, restart truespace and install the new version.

Installation Dev Note - for non-UU version of tS the installer will replace the Default Contex/Select node with one capable of locking. This node is identical to the one installed by the NURBS scripts. They must be kept in sync.

It works by creating an "UnSelectable" node inside the item and deselects the node via widget based locking mechanism.

unselectable options panel unselectable widget panel notes panel


  • Lock - add lock attribute to node and activate it
  • Unlock - uncheck the lock attribute on the selected node
  • Unlock All - unlock all locked items
  • Alt + LMB will temporarily override widget based locking for an item
  • Enable - converts the selection widget to use the plugin locking code
  • Disable - deactivates widget based locking code

Restore Selection Widget

  • Emergency Restore will restore the selection widget to one of 3 sources
    • Original - restore to the point just before the script was installed
    • Unofficial Update - restore to the unofficial update version (Sept 2020)
    • Caligari - restore to the original release of trueSpace

The Emergency Restore and Enable/Disable functions are not needed for the Unofficial Update version of trueSpace because the required version of Clintons3dPlugin is included.


The emergency restore is a catch all that should never be needed. The widget intercepts the truespace selection process making the rsx plugin a requirement to use truespace properly when the widget is enabled. If the plugin was removed and the Disable button didn't work for some reason, the emergency restore will work in all cases.


  • original and unofficial update sources for emergency restore will be identical unless the unofficial update is enhanced at a later date
  • plugin widget based locking only locks items in the 3D view from selection
  • The buttons can have "L" and "U" shortcuts assigned to match the unofficial update widget shortcuts.
  • Can only select unlocked groups by clicking on unlocked members of the group.
  • Edit/Default context/Select installed will be the same as in the upcoming NURBS install

child nodes do not inherit the parent groups locking, they must be locked separately

August 29, 2021

  • removed autopanel open when locking

August 28, 2021

  • updates Edit/Default context/Select to include NURBS to control point mesh
  • alt-click object no longer bypasses NURBS selection conversion process
  • lock, unlock and unlock all coded for single undo
  • enable disable single undo style code replaces clear history for widget mods
  • updated the installer
  • locking applied to NURBS node instead of it's control point mesh

June 14, 2021

  • remove floating popup
  • remove script based locking
  • no longer adds node to the scene
  • clear undo history for widget changes to prevent unstable configurations that can occur when running undo afterward

October 10, 2020

  • deselect after locking
  • don't run if in point edit mode
  • new unlock button
  • latest Select backup node from Unofficial Updates
  • lock node defaults to locked
  • replace old version script in the scene

September 29, 2020

  • supports old and new style locking - old exported connector, new exported node aspect
  • changed LMB to lock an item as well as opening the panel

September 21, 2020

  • new widget based selection locking

July 23, 2020

  • more changes adapted from trueBlue modifications
  • floating window
  • node copied to the scene
  • first script to make use of a simplified auto run not based on timers

July 17, 2020

  • reestablish script based locking based on undo technique discovered by trueBlue

June 29, 2020

  • removes the unselectable data node when unlocking
  • installer resets the recent files list

February 24, 2018

  • persistent install v2 compatible
  • compatible with new batch installer

January 17, 2018 persistent install

October 28, 2017

  • autoload, unique button id, button index -1
  • locks link editor view selections
  • does not alter the selection widget

version 2.1 - added an active checkbox because this process can interfere with other scripts that depend on selection changes.

September 21, 2020
January 2, 2011