open frame in the link editorOpen a frame/toolbar in the LE

Command node used to display a toolbar or windows contents in the link editor.  Good for loading in new buttons. 
Push the Start Button and then change the aspect of a window or toolbar back and forth between 2D and 3D aspects.  A link editor window will open to the frame containing the window/toolbar.
This script reads the Rosetta.log file to detect the change in aspect.
stereo 3dStereo 3D for trueSpace7.6

Node object for displaying anaglyph style(red/cyan) 3D stereo images.  Load the object, initialize the screen, use the select 3d camera button and set the 3D view to use it.
   camera field of view
   eye separation and convergence
   red and cyan intensity
   background color
   height and width of projected image in pixels
ts3aseSimple ASE Exporter for trueSpace7.6

Script for exporting ASE format mesh files for use in creating static meshes for the Doom3/Quake4 and Unreal game engines.  Supports Unreal collisions and provides a means to simulate 3dsmax smoothing groups.
joint orientJoint Orientation Helper for trueSpace7.6

Script for controlling the orientation of joints in a skeleton.  The script creates a mesh that indicates the orientation of the selected joint.  Change the orientation of the helper mesh and then use the second part of the script to transfer the changes to the joint.
ut3 psk psaUnreal Tournament 3 Import/Export for trueSpace7.6

Plugin and script for importing and exporting of skeletal meshes and animations in the unreal PSK and PSA formats.
d3dD3D Render for trueSpace7.6

Combine model and workspace animations into D3D real time renderer.  Set playback range in workspace, setup render to file to save a sequence, have workspace and model space 3d views open and run the script.  Can be used to bake workspace animation to modelspace.  Works with transformations, vertex animation, particles and facial animation.  Does not work with metaball animation. 
doom3Doom3 for trueSpace7.6

My first script for truespace7.6 is an importer/exporter for the Doom3/Quake4 skeletal mesh and animation formats. 
hide PE widgetCreate button for trueSpace7.5

Script for creating buttons from scripts.  Includes demo video showing the creation of a "point edit widget hide" button.
hide PE widgetHide PE Widget for trueSpace7.5

Hide the point edit widget. This script can be converted to a button and then have a shortcut key assigned to it.  See the create button page for details.  To hide custom widgets the "CR def Point edit widget" must exist in the widgets node.  The script hides custom widgets by temporarily scaling their size down to zero. 
custom widgetCustom Widgets for trueSpace7.5

Custom object and point edit widgets. Scripts for switching between installed widgets and scaling them.

Video tutorial for custom widget creation.
target weldTarget Weld for trueSpace7.5

Installer for the target weld script.  This installs a custom button and toolbar.  To use the target weld enter point edit mode, click the button then select a vertex to weld and then select it's target vertex.  The vertices must be selected one at a time.  Multiple selections will be ignored.
pivot snapPivot Snapping for trueSpace7.61

Use vertex snapping to place the pivot point of an object. Enter point edit mode, make a selection and click the "save selection" button.  Next select the object whose pivot will be modified and click on the "move pivot" button.  The object can be the same as the point edited object.  Changes from 7.5 version:  Not limited to vertex selections and exits PE mode automatically.
pivot snapPivot Snapping for trueSpace7.5

Use vertex snapping to place the pivot point of an object. Enter point edit mode and select a vertex or a set of vertices and click the "save point selection" button.  Next exit PE mode and select the object whose pivot will be modified and click on the "move pivot" button.  The object can be the same as the point edited object.  If more than one vertex is selected then the center of the selection will be used.
unselectableUnselectable script for trueSpace7.5

May 12, 2008 - version 1.1 fix scene change problem.
This script locks objects so they cannot be selected.  Click the Active check box to turn it on.  "Lock It" will lock the currently selected object.  To unlock click the "Unlock It" button then select the item to unlock.  Choose "Unlock All" to unlock all objects.  Use the active checkbox to temporarily enable/disable all the locks.

vertex snapFlocking script for trueSpace7.5

Simple implementation of Craig Reynolds flocking script for trueSpace7.5 real time display.  The flock default geometry can be replaced and objects in the scene can be marked as collision objects.

vertex snapObject level vertex snap for trueSpace7.6

Enter point edit mode for the object to move.
Select 1 or more vertices and click "start point(s)"
Select 1 or more vertices for destination and click "end point(s)"
Exit PE mode
Click "snap it" to move the object based on start and end points.
The end points can be on a different object, just enter PE mode for that object.  If you first select the end points and then the start points and don't exit PE mode before clicking "snap it", the selected vertices will move.

August 23 2008 - updated to work with full objects and skeleton joints, added notes tab

axis lockAxis lock from widget for trueSpace7.5

The XYZ lock script will change the object and point edit navigation widgets so that if you control-left click on the xyz movement bars, the x, y or z axis will lock.  Control click again to unlock the axis.  The script has buttons for loading and unloading the modification.

nullStuffConstraints for trueSpace7.5

The Constraint scripts provide the ability to setup relationships between objects so that the motion of one or more objects will dictate the movement of another object.

nullStuffun-Target script

Use this script to remove the "Look At" behavior from a trueSpace 7.5 object.  There is a check box option for keeping the object's orientation or reverting to the orientation before the Look At was applied.

right-click and save as... on the link or picture
nullStuffNull objects for trueSpace7.5
Null/Light Visibility script

Star Null object, Null widget creator and script to convert any mesh into a Null object. Model side sees the null object as a camera so it won't render.

Nulls and Lights can be made invisible for workspace realtime rendering.
nullStuffParenting scripts for trueSpace7.5

The parenting command script allows for a parent/child relationship between objects inside trueSpace.
nullStuffNormalmap script for trueSpace7.5

Normal map process for trueSpace.
September 9 2008 - updated to version 1.3
nullStuffJoystick and Space Navigator demo scripts for trueSpace7.5

Demonstration using ActiveX to read values from directx joysticks and the Space Navigator from 3dconnexion.
nullStuffSquare Creator V4

This script will create a square with uv coordinates assigned.  Click the link or picture to download the script
trueSpace 6 plugins

Unreal game import/export, ASE export, BVH import, Python scripts, NURBS tools, Axes tools, UV editor notes, Unreal notes, PolyCombiner tool and c source code.  Also some trueSpace7 stuff that hasn't been moved yet.
click the picture to go to the plugins page
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