Offline Normalmap Generation for trueSpace 7.5 and newer

Render from trueSpace showing from left to right: the high resolution mesh, the low res mesh with standard normalmap which does not render and the rendered result of using the normal map texture generated by this script.  The download link can be found at the bottom of the page.

Normalmap rules and guidelines:



If the normal map generation produces a blank image, reload the scene and take the low res mesh into modelspace and do a point edit on it.  You can move a vertex and then undo to put it back.  This seems to fix the problem by some mysterious means.

The images below demonstrate the model preparation before normal mapping takes place.

high transform

Note how the high and low res meshes have different scales, rotations and locations.

low transform

transform fixed

Here both the high and low res meshes have the same transform, only BB Size is different and the high resolution mesh is completely enclosed by the low resolution mesh.  The size difference between the high and low res meshes should be as small as possible.  The size difference here is exaggerated for illustration.


The pictures below show a simple tile shaped normal map texture generation.  The low res mesh could have been a single square and the results would have been the same.

high res(1908 vertices) and low res(4 vertices) meshes


This picture shows the low res mesh over the high res mesh.  It works poorly if the high res is on top of the low res.


Left original mesh, right low poly using normal map texture.

mynormal and bump

normal map and bump map results


Just discovered that the normal map blank areas have a value of (128,128,240) I believe this should be (127,127,255) so it might be a good idea to run the result through the nvidia photoshop filter and normalize it to the proper values.

click this line to download the normal mapper script object

click this line to download the freezeTransform script object

click this line to download a simple DX material that can be used with the normal map texture


Colors of normalmaps:

tech-artists normalmapping

ben mathis normal map workflow

16-bit normal map photoshop plugin from epic