model imported to unreal editor(ued)

game import and setup

custom models dir
create CustomModels folder in ...My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Unpublished\CookedPC
Copy the psk mesh into the CustomModels folder.  Also copy all animations and textures to this location
Don't change the names if new versions are created.  Overwrite the existing files.

import mesh to ued
Import PSK and set name to SK_VH_Roamer
import the psk mesh into new package called VH_Roamer
import textures diffuse, specular and normal using default options

double click mesh to open the AnimSet manager and import the PSA files

file - new animset - K_VH_Roamer
file - import psa name will be "dummyanim"
anim sequence - rename sequence
repeat for each psa file
idle, door_open_idle, door_close and door_open are the animations I created

match material instance to Scorpion_Red material

create a material instance - right click - New MaterialInstanceConstant
name MI_VH_Roamer_RedBlue and set parent to M_VH_All_Axon_Base - to match scorpion setup
parent - M_VH_All_Axon_Base is found in M_VH

use SK_Roamer as the preview(use selected static mesh)
under TextureParametersValue
   check Veh_Diffuse and load diffuse texture
   check Veh_Normal and load normal map texture

now create another  MaterialInstanceConstant named MI_VH_Roamer_Spawn_RedBlue
Set it's parent to MI_VH_Roamer_RedBlue
show all material attributes and inside StaticSwitchParameterValues set UseVehicleResInEmissive and UseVehicleResInOpacity so the preview is black like in the scorpion material
check the boxes on both sides of each of them

material axon base had no transparency so removed the windows from the Roamer mesh

material assign and collisions

double click mesh to open the AnimSet manager again
mesh tab - materials and assign the MI_VH_Roamer_RedBlue material

view show collision and show bone names to make the next step easier
setup mesh collisions PerPolyCollisionBones set to Main_Root
 AddToParentPerPloyCollison for the rest of the bones

socket setup
menu - mesh, socket manager, new socket GunViewSocket on Gun_Base bone
TurretFireSocket on gun_rotate
DamageSmoke01 on Main_Root
Headlight_R and Headlight_L on Main_Root
ExhaustPort on Main_Root

anim tree connections

create animTree call it AT_VH_Roamer
click node and set PreviewSkelMesh to SK_VH_Roamer
set preview animsets to K_VH_Roamer animset
right click on AnimTree to add SkelControl Chain for each bone

add SkelControlWheels for each wheel and connect them
set wheel roll to AXIS_Y
name each to match the wheel, F_R_Tire will have skel control named F_R_Tire_Cont
use wheel roll and wheel steering to test each wheel

add UTSkelControl_TurretConstrained named TurretRotate and hook to the gun_rotate

add SkelControlSingleBone name it Steering_Wheel_Cont and connect to the Steering_Wheel
 set rotation to BCS_BoneSpace,
 Automatic yaw rotation will be coded in uc file

create 2 physics materials

on both materials click on the create new physical material blue arrow and choose UTPhysicalMaterialProperty,
for material type in the word Metal,
enable Anisotropic Friction and set to 1,0,0 for the driving material

right click roamer mesh, Create New Physics Asset which will open the unrealPhAT tool
remove all collisions except for the Main_Root via select and delete current primitive
click twice to select or double click
set MassScale = 1.5 to match scorpion
set phys material to PhysMat_Roamer

Kizmet can be used to play the door animations on a non-driving vehicle like so:

add roamer skeletal mesh actor to the scene
add a trigger by the door
start kizmet and right click to create a new matinee
set bRewindPlay
select the trigger in the level and add it with right click in matinee - new event using trigger - touch
hook trigger to the play input
set max trigger count to 0=infinite
select the skeletal mesh in the level and double click matinee to open the time line
right click add new skeletal mesh group
add the roamer animset to the group
add keyframes to place sequences in the anim track

save the package and start coding
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