Collada plugin for After Effects

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Unreal Grid for Truespace

Setup the truespace grid to match the unreal editor appearance set for grid spacing of 16.

The ASE exporter for truespace converts 1 truespace meter to 10 unreal units. So 1.6 meters becomes 16 in unreal.; The default truespace is set for a tile count of 40 with a zoom of 40 which gives each square a size of 1. The result is a grid size 80x80 or 800x800 unreal units. The goal is to get a grid 1024x1024 unreal units with grid lines spaced by 16.

grid count = 1024/16 = 64

tile count = grid count/2 = 32

zoom = tile count * 1.6 = 51.2

default grid unreal ground

This process needs to be done for each 3D viewport.

Finally, set grid snapping to 1.6 and the grid will line up with the snapping coordinates.

Collada export is 1 truespace unit = 1 unreal unit so scaling up inside unrealed may likely be needed.

Unreal import ignores collada scale so use the freeze transform script before exporting.