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TurboCAD trueSpace Godot Notes 2021

Notes for creating a house in TurboCAD, exporting into trueSpace and finally into Godot to create a WebXR walkthrough

Deus Ex to WebXR

Notes for exporting items out of the Deus Ex game, importing them into Blender and trueSpace and finally into Godot to create a WebXR walkthrough

UE4 Notes (rough wip 2018/2019)

Notes for using UE4 with trueSpace along with some notes for Blender and Lightwave. Many notes are out of date and refer to previous limitations of the ue fbx import/export

Add Smoothing Groups for UDK

MergeSmoothing is a windows program that will read an FBX file and generate smoothing groups based on the normals of the mesh. It can read in earlier FBX versions and will output a 2013 FBX file. UDK wants smoothing groups and it wants version 2013 files. If both conditions are not met it will generate a warning message.

UT3 Characters for Lightwave + some Static Mesh notes

original ut3 characters translated for use with lightwaves fbx exporter.

Truespace Doom3 scripts

The Doom3 scripts for truespace 7.61 will read and write idtech 4 md5mesh and md5anim files.

Truespace Unreal script notes(wip)

Some notes for working with trueSpace and the UDK. Exporting T3D, FBX, FBX for matinee, T3D terrains, PSK and PSA files.  When complete will be a recipe for transfering a complete tS scene into a UDK level.

T3D Format

Unreal T3D file format specs no longer available from original source

Unreal Engine version 4.13.0 removed T3D import from the file menu because of crashes. Check the notes here for workarounds to continue using the T3D format in UE4


UDK Scaleform samples converted from Flash CS4 to version CS3

March 29, 2012