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trueSpace + Wacom incompatible

Windows 10, Windows 7 + Wacom ET-0405-U (Graphire?) will interfere with the script editor causing slowdown when opening, editing and closing a script.


Workaround is to go to the Windows Control Panel > Human Interface Devices and disable the wacom driver: specifically the Wacom HID Pen

Windows10 – open device manager and disable

  1. Human Interface Devices > Wacom HID Pen
  2. Mice and other pointing devices > Wacom Mouse

truespace 7.5 alpha10 notes

original source – printed emails from tS beta testing, processed with FreeOCR from

Defined set of general purpose array data objects for scripting:
Universal Array Data.
Int Array Data.
Number Array Data.
String Array Data.
Boolean Array Data.
All are defined in Common Data package.
You can create single-dimensional as well as multidimensional arrays using these data objects.
Universal Array Data can store items of any type (primitives like int, bool, or rosetta data types), but it is slower and more memory consuming than specialized types (e.g. Int Array Data), so choose the right type carefully.
// Create simple array by adding items
a = System.CreateDO(“Common Data Package\Universal Array Data”);
a.Add(“first string”);
a.Add(“second string”);
// Create 2 dimensional integer array
a = System.CreateDO(“Common Data Package\Int Array Data”)
a.SetSize(10, 10);
for (i = O; i < 10; i++)
for (j = 0;j<10;j++)
a.SetAt(i,j, 50);

truespace open debug view

    if(!DebugViewFound("Project/Windows Manager Space"))
        CmdPrompt.DebugView('Windows Manager Space', 0);

function NodeSubObject(root, index)
    return root + "/" + Node.SubObject(root, index);

function DebugViewFound()
    var WMS = "Project/Windows Manager Space";
    var numwindows = Node.SubObjectCount(WMS);

    for(var winIndex=0; winIndex < numwindows; winIndex++)
        var currentWindow = NodeSubObject(WMS, winIndex);
        if(Node.SubObjectCount(currentWindow) < 1)

        var shortname = Node.ShortName(NodeSubObject(currentWindow, 0));
        if( shortname == "LogOutput")
            return true;
    return false;

button notes


general notes for scripting buttons

var tbbutt = Node.Create(‘Windows Manager Package/Toolbar Button Item’, mytoolbar);
Node.Value(tbbutt, “ControlID2D”) = “{2BBC850E-6EEF-4364-9265-A4A606AE464B}”;//must be this guid
Node.Value(tbbutt, “ControlID3D”) = “{2BBC850E-6EEF-4364-9265-A4A606AE464B}”;
//Node.Value(tbbutt ,”Package”) = “{E0C3ABBA-AA1C-4A09-8089-9ED4A8AC63B9}”;//needed for menu button
Node.Value(tbbutt, “Menu”) = false;
Node.Value(tbbutt, “Name”) = theframeSN;
//Node.Value(tbbutt ,”Preview2D”) = 303;//needed for image button
//Node.Value(tbbutt ,”Preview3D”) = 303;
var tbbutt2 = Node.Rename(tbbutt, theframeSN + “Button”);

truespace misc sdk notes from the wiki


creates some xml documentation files RsCmdDoc.xml and RsNodeDoc.xml
RsImport.ExportCollada(‘filename’,’list of nodes’) – will export a collada file via script
Widgets.Rotate == rotate about origin (0,0,0) then offset back to original position
WindowsManager.MoveWindow name item enhanced about possibility to work with working area size or the whole window size.

   * Example:
         o WindowsManager.MoveWindow(idWindow, -1, -1, Width, Height, WorkAreaSize, -1, -1);

trueSpace Python Notes(copied from wiki)

The python samples don’t work for trueSpace7.61 unless you copy the contents of the PythonScripts folder into the tS folder. The other option is to add 2 lines to the top of your python script:

import sys


This tells python to look inside the PythonScripts folder for modules to load.

Bug: GetMaterial(matidx), the object get material function always returns None.
Tutorials on the Wayback Machine, look at the early years:*/

trueSpace Scripting Matrix

Matrix multiplication



last rotation
myMatrix.SetPitch(-90);// myMatrix = -90 deg pitch

(this is the second rotation)
myMatrix.Mult(rollMatrix);// rollMatrix * myMatrix => myMatrix

(this is the first rotation)
myMatrix.Mult(yawMatrix);// yawMatrix * myMatrix => myMatrix

myMatrix is yaw 22 deg then roll 13 deg then pitch -90 deg

Local matrix from world matrices

theMatrix = Node.Value(bindgroup + "/" + subNode, "WldMatrix");
parentMatrix = Node.Value(bindParent, "WldMatrix");
parInvert = parentMatrix.Invert();

//now theMatrix contains local instead of world

trueSpace Scripting Selection

Space.Select() – select multiple nodes from text string separated by semi colons, node paths in the list must not have leading spaces

Node.Selection() – returns a selection list with a semicolon delimination, but has leading spaces in each nodes path so needs to be adjusted to work with Space.Select

sel = Node.Selection();
selArray = sel.split(";");
re = /^\s/; // whitespace in first character position
sel = selArray[0].replace(re,"");
if(selArray.length > 1)
		sel = sel + ";" + selArray[i].replace(re,"");

Node.Select – select one node