Turbocad v14 and Windows 10

TurboCAD v14 does not work properly with Windows 10.

Options > Program Setup disable auto save and

Do not select the Standard style under AEC Dimension Styles in the Style Manager. This sequence will cause an instant crash.

Architecture wall dimensions will not read in. AEC dimensions are not compatible with windows 10.

To save a tcw file do not use File > Save or File > Save As…

Use File > Extract To… ,¬† select the Content check box to select all options then open Drawing Setup and uncheck Styles

Opening older files is still hit and miss, but new files saved via extract  seem ok.

Can also go the other way and use File > New and then File > Extract From…

Symbols via the symbol pallete cause crash. Trying to work with symbols via extract-from is a hit and miss affair, seems to only work with 3D symbols.

Can load symbols via full install of turbocad 14 pro using AddOns > SDK Samples > Insert > File.

AddOns > SDK Samples > Insert > Symbol seems to work with 3d symbols only.

Printing from model view does not center properly, so page setup values must be set manually.
From my old print notes for printing full size:
in model space
View > Create View, then define the region and give it a name

Workspace > PaperSpace > Insert, or use an existing Paper tab
switch to the paper space
Insert > Viewport then goto the previously defined paper
select the viewport rectangle and right click for it’s properties
Viewport > Scale check “Fixed”
type in the value which does not show in the dropdown list -> “1 in = 25.4 mm”

now will print to size when using the defined paper