Misc trueSpace script

// https://rosettacode.org/wiki/Map_range
function MapRange(val,a1,a2,b1,b2)
	var val2 = Math.min(val,a2);
	s = Math.max(val2, a1);
	return b1 + (s-a1)*(b2-b1)/(a2-a1)

map range a1,a2 to b1,b2

RsAnim.PutFrame places a single item at a certain frame without affecting other items in the scene, useful for some “set driven key” type behaviors.

LE.ConfirmEncapsulation(”, true, ”) – first arg nodes(guessing semi colon delimited list) or blank for selection, second arg true=3d false=2d, third arg name for new node

Workspace Shell Tool

Impractical process to simulate the shell tool scaffolding action of modelspace.

Workspace Scaffolding
  1. Select all faces of the mesh
  2. Run trueBevel script with a small amount
  3. Run fix geometry tools script and choose zero area triangles to select the narrow faces
  4. Invert the selection and delete
  5. Select all faces – the fix geometry changes the selection mode so be sure face selection is active
  6. copy selection – not the copy found the bottom of the interface
  7. flip faces
  8. invert selection
  9. static sweep script with average normals unchecked
  10. scale up or move
  11. select all and merge vertices coincidence with a small value