Random trueSpace Notes

The script command Physics.Impulse has max XYZ values of 100. Higher values are ignored. This command only has a small effect on the object motion.

When working with script combined with the axis tool always flatten the axis back into the geometry.

The saturate node for materials does not load into trueSpace. It just gives an error.

RsApp.Help() command needs the xslt file found in the home directory in order to view the resulting xml files properly.

IK locks and IK handles attach to bones, not to joints.

A jscript object cannot properly read changes to a universal array connector if was changed from outside by a command script.

The params object can be used to stop down stream execution of command scripts via params.SetTerminationFlag()

When editing a morph target it seems best to set mesh editor auto triangulation setting to “None” .

Linear interpolation works best for IK skeletons to prevent sliding.